👋 Hi, I'm Martin.

I'm a software developer from 🇪🇪 Estonia, currently located in 🇬🇧 London, England.

I've been a hacker professionally since 2009, when I started as an intern in Skype. I honed my chops there, and subsequently in Microsoft, over the next 5 years. I then seized the opportunity to build and manage the software development team at a startup creating a mobile app testing business. These days I work for Snap.

I'm passionate about the open web and belive it's the basis for improving our experience on it. I think some of the best content today is still delivered via web feeds, in the form of blog posts and podcasts.

I started this blog inspired by the many people out there, who write on their own beautiful websites. I hope to better my skills in writing, make it into a habit and hopefully convey something useful along the way.

About the website

This is a static website built with eleventy, styled with tailwindcss and served through CloudFlare by Netlify. Illustrations by, icons by Feather.

The source is open and available on GitHub. The content is licensed under CC BY 4.0.